Don’t tell the other words, but brevity’s my favorite.

They don’t even like to see me write “brevity” … it means I use them less.

What they don’t get, of course, is I rarely write “brevity.”  The whole point is not to write it but to demonstrate it.  All the other words strive to be used … brevity aims to be silently displayed.  It’s the ultimate back-stage, behind-the-scenes gathering of letters.  Too cool and too important to be named outright.  

So cool, minus vowels it’s recognizable — “brvty”.

So cool, brevity is only a noun.  Succinct has succinctly, concise concisely, pith pithy.  You don’t see “brevitosity”, “brevitiousness” and “brevitly” — yet another example of brevity’s unique position in the world of words.

The world could use a lot more of cool, beautiful, brvty … statements of fact that show a deep understanding of an issue AND conveying that understanding in minimal word count and read time.

Thank you Abe Lincoln … your Gettysburg Address does it.

Thanks Dan Thompson for doing an entire comic strip named Brevity because comics, by definition, require it.

I strive for btfl brvty every time I write.

’Nuf said.